- Dear John -

DEAR JOHN is a all-female string band with 4 versatile instrumentalists and vocalists, united by their love for traditional Northern-American music. Their distinct personalities and voices blend With harmonies, truth-telling stories, and dance. Their endless ability to harmonize beautifully revisit Appalachian Old-Time music, Bluegrass, and Southern Gospel in a contemporary and vibrant style – sensitive, intense and joyful.

It’s a timeless journey in the roots of American culture and traditions, among the mountains and rivers that inspired so many songs, with a modern twist and feminine wits - exciting live

In a ruthless cowboys-dominated world, DEAR JOHN questions and challenges musical and social etiquettes usually linked to this music genre. Originating from different musical backgrounds, their shared passion for this culture, still fed by their travels and musicalencounters on the way, leads them to re-invent an original yet steeped in tradition style.

They roots-consciously yet innovatively enlighten standards or originals, and their communicative joy to share the music and empower women musicians everywhere makes quite an impression on charmed audiences.

“ Wandering and pondering on the American trails of traditional music"

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Dear John