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Bill Palmer is a songwriter, singer, guitarist & award winning record producer living in Santa Fe, NM.... Originally from the woods outside of Tyler, TX, he grew up on everything from Willie Nelson to Hendrix to The Cure, learning to play guitar and starting his first band at the age of 12. 

After attending the University of Texas, he played with the Sharecroppers (Good Medicine Band) in Austin, TX in the mid/late 90s, and went on to form Hundred Year Flood with Felecia Ford and his brother Jim Palmer in '98...

Hundred Year Flood enjoyed plenty of notoriety, releasing 5 full length albums and touring the United States, Mexico & Europe. In 2009, he joined Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess as lead guitarist, contributing songwriter & producer. He has recorded 2 well received albums with Stephanie, and they continue to tour.

In early 2011, he released the solo album 'DINOSAURS' which has received lots of independent radio airplay and critical acclaim. His song 'The River' from the 'DINOSAURS' record has been played on the TV shows Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, American Trucker & Mudslingers. His band Bill Palmer's TV Killers released their debut self titled album in early 2013, and the band has been performing to very enthusiastic audiences across the American Southwest. In addition to his work as an original performing songwriter & musician, Bill has also produced and engineered hundreds of albums over the last decade at Frogville Studio in Santa Fe, NM..


“ Songwriter, singer, guitarist & award winning record producer"

Bill Palmer’s reputation as a music producer and engineer at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe is as solid as his notoriety for telling it like it is. It has already proven to be a great production year for the singer-songwriter/guitarist, who also wields an ax in his wife’s band Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess. How Palmer managed to carve out enough free time to lay down some tracks with his own band is a mystery. But rather than waste precious moments trying to solve it, just go pick up this eight-song treasure trove of alt-rock and Americana. “Tell the Man” displays Palmer’s fondness for lyrical self-reflection and a deep love of Tom Petty’s more low-fi rock tunes. “Gimme Gimme” finds Palmer and Hatfield, who pulls secondary-guitar and harmony-vocal duties on this debut album, crunching down a sexy, fuzz-rich country rocker. The “Crimson and Clover”-sounding “The Illegals” further solidifies Palmer as a strong visual storyteller while exploring the complexities of the ongoing immigration debate. Band mates Matt McClinton (bass) and Mikey Chavez (drums) round out this tight ensemble, which never forces the twangier moments to the point of cliché. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to a collection of carefully crafted songs penned by someone who knows his way around a guitar and a studio and isn’t afraid to wear his rage, disappointment, redemption, and fear on his sleeve.

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